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15.08.17 - GD Rectifiers

IXYS Applications by GD Rectifiers

IXYS Corporation develops technology driven semiconductor products to improve power conversion efficiency, generate clean energy and provide advanced products. They service over 2,500 companies in t... mehr

09.08.17 - GD Rectifiers

Components in the Railway Industry by GD Rectifiers

The railway industry is undergoing rapid changes in the quest for energy efficiency, increase of economies, reliability, effectiveness and quality of railway transport. Today’s railroads evolve in ... mehr

01.08.17 - GD Rectifiers

SEMIKRON's MiniSKiiP - 20 Years of Innovation

SEMIKRON’s MiniSKiiP modules offer a unique design, setting a new standard in the power electronics industry. They are designed for 600V/650V, 1200V and 1700V with 4A-400A nominal chip currents. The... mehr

26.07.17 - GD Rectifiers

Reasons to use Aluminium Heatsinks for LED Lighting Applications by GD Rectifiers

LED lighting is a reliable, energy efficient and cost effective alternative to the conventional incandescent lights considered the preferable lighting choice until recently. LED Lights can last up to... mehr

18.07.17 - GD Rectifiers

How to Save Time and Money Sourcing Semiconductors by GD Rectifiers

Buyers rely on distributors to provide them with the latest semiconductor components, supplied with up to date information and datasheets on the specifications required Today, distributors act as a m... mehr

17.07.17 - GD Rectifiers

SEMIKRON MiniSKiiP Modules: The Benefits

SEMIKRON’s MiniSKiiP Modules are designed for 600V/650V, 1200V and 1700V with a power range that covers 4A – 400A, providing a possible inverter output power of 90kW. Benefits One of the major ... mehr

13.07.17 - GD Rectifiers

Entrepreneurship: GD Rectifiers Top 10 Tips to Success

Today, Managing Director of GD Rectifiers, Paul Bentley discusses what is takes to be an entrepreneur and shares his top tips with the younger generation. GD Rectifiers are the UK’s leading distrib... mehr

30.05.17 - GD Rectifiers

IXYS UK Westcode Launches New 2.2Kv, 5370A Fast Thyristor

IXYS UK Westcode have this week announced the launch of their new 5370A Distributed Gate Thyristor. The new symmetrical blocking device has a peak blocking voltage of 2.2kV and a continuous DC rating ... mehr

18.05.17 - GD Rectifiers

IXYS UK Westcode Launch It’s Highest Ever Current Rating IGBT

IXYS UK Westcode have today launched the highest genuine current rating press-pack IGBT available on the market which is set to break new ground in power handling capacity of a single device. The new... mehr

03.05.17 - GD Rectifiers

LED Lighting: Today’s Top 10 Benefits

LED Lighting is now an essential part of our everyday lives, from outdoor lighting in urban areas such as street lights, to lighting in our homes within kitchens and bathrooms to safety precautions su... mehr

10.04.17 - GD Rectifiers

Industry 4.0 - 5 Things You Need to Know

The adoption process for Industry 4.0 has begun and the industry is already reaping the benefits: cost and risk reductions, performance improvements and enhanced flexibility. We share with you the 5 t... mehr

07.04.17 - GD Rectifiers

The Ultimate Heat Sink Buying Guide

Many factors affect the thermal performance of a heatsink; discover the design elements you need to know before buying a heatsink with our handy buying guide. Simply follow our 10 easy steps to find y... mehr

06.04.17 - GD Rectifiers

10 Reasons You Should Use A Distributor in 2017

Today, with increasing pressure on time-to-market, design engineers don’t have the time to spend with multiple FAEs like they did 20 years ago. Open Source hardware and software has freed design eng... mehr

09.01.17 - GD Rectifiers

Top 10 Tips to Buying the Heatsink You Need

Many factors affect the thermal performance of a heat sink; discover the design elements you need to know before buying a heat sink with our handy buying guide. Simply follow our 10 easy steps to find... mehr

04.01.17 - GD Rectifiers

Aluminium Heat Sinks – The Benefits You Need to Know

GD Rectifiers are one of the UK’s leading aluminium extrusion suppliers and have extensive experience in designing and creating aluminium profile solutions. GD Rectifiers are experts in alloy requir... mehr

22.12.16 - GD Rectifiers

Top 10 Commercial Products Heat Sinks Are Used In

A heat sink is a thermal device that dissipates heat from another object. It transfers heat generated by a mechanical or electronic device to a fluid medium which is normally air or liquid coolant whe... mehr

16.12.16 - GD Rectifiers

How Semiconductors Have Shaped Today's Technology

Semiconductor devices form the backbone of industrial power control applications. Solid state semiconductor technology has shaped our modern world to the point where even our everyday white goods and... mehr

09.12.16 - GD Rectifiers

Top 6 Benefits of Wearable Technology

Today billions of devices feature wearable technology and around 83% of experts believe that the internet of things will have beneficial effects on the everyday lives of the public by 2025. Already, i... mehr

30.09.16 - GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers are pleased to announce that they will be supplying the IXYS RF Power product range to Europe as well as the UK

The European distribution extension to the RF Power range was a natural progression for GD Rectifiers who have been a distributor for both IXYS and IXYS UK Westcode for the past 22 years. With IXYS’... mehr

28.09.16 - GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers collaborate with API to launch an ultra low temperature electrolytic capacitor

GD Rectifiers is a global manufacturer and distributor of products, services and solutions to commercial and industrial users of power electronic components. GD Rectifiers are the UK’s leading distr... mehr

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